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waterCLEAN WATER–so necessary to life and health.  So unavailable to some school children and communities in Zimbabwe, Africa.  There is a solution, and we are working to provide that solution by raising funds to drill wells in those areas.


Most schools have land that can be cultivated. Some of the schools are boarding schools and need to feed several hundred children daily. The three schools that now have water now have vegetable gardens and provide a better diet for the children.


Once a source of clean water was provided at a church in a very poor, rural community, not only was a preschool possible, but a medical clinic was established. Prior to the well, people had to travel by bus to receive medical care – most could not afford the bus fare; therefore they did not have medical care.


Communities around a school or church benefit from a well as most have only a hole in the ground as a source of water; our mission aids hundreds in each location with something we take for granted—clean water every time we turn on a faucet!!

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wells completed
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